and we're off!

 Dear friends,

C.L.A.S. lives!   I had a blast this week working with Nick on a new logo and motto.  I think it all turned out great and I hope you do too.


Doesn't that make you want to pick up a pen and get busy? 

There were a couple of very kind questions/concerns about the "communist" part of the logo, so even though I will always think of this group as the Communist Ladies Aid Society, I think we've come up with a safe option for everyone.  You can read about it at the handy FAQ page.

There are buttons available on the FAQ page as well.  There are three ladies to choose from, but this gal is my favorite.  Just look at her.  This lady has some history to write.  She's saying, "I may not be able to vote yet, but my daughters will!"  I'll bet she has trousers under that bustle.  

Take a look at the info page and let me know if you have any questions.  (Remember this is all in fun.  I won't be offended in the least if you don't want a button or logo.)

I've got letters going out this week to South Africa and across the pond to merry old England.  I've received some amazing surprises in the mail, too.  It's just plain wonderful to connect with you via pen and paper.  As I said on the FAQ page, this world is too fast, too virtual, too shallow.  We need slow, deep, tangible beauty in our lives and going to the mailbox to find a friend's words captured on paper and sent across the miles is one of those beauties.

I hope you write some history this weekend.  I hope you make some beauty.

Thanks for smiling with me today. 

much love.


UPDATED:  If any C.L.A.S. members are looking for pen pals I would be happy to collect email addresses and put you in touch with one another.  Trust me, writing to virtual strangers is pretty fun.  *smile*   Send me an email with PEN PAL in the subject line and I will send you the email address of another person looking for a correspondent.  That should work, providing at least two of you contact me.  *wink*