2011: enough


It’s the first day of the new year, the new decade.  It hasn’t begun the way I’d planned at all.  Usually on January 1,  I have the house neat and tidy, everything efficiently organized and ready to begin new resolutions and habits.  But this year we have been working on a house project and every spare hour has been spent cutting, nailing, sanding, painting, rebuilding.   The house is a complete mess.

The bedroom we are working on has seen a lot of abuse over the last two years.  If you live with FASD or other brain disorders you may have an inkling of the enormity of this project.  It’s been a tiring week physically, but yesterday as we started to see the new room emerge I had such a sense of hope and faith for the year ahead.  

I had been reading Makoto Fujimura’s book, Refractions, in the spare moments while I waited for a board to be cut or someone to get another box of nails or what have you.  It’s a lovely book, written in the aftermath of the 9/11 tragedy; an artist’s call to keep pressing forward, to keep creating and building and telling the story of redemption.

I looked around at what we were creating within our own four walls:  a second chance, beauty for ashes. 

I already knew what this year’s word would be long before the decision arrived.  It had been whispered in my spirit in a myriad of ways through the previous months, and it is a fitting beginning to a year that awakens to the reality of sawdust and aching muscles.  

It begins with this phrase:  “I AM enough.”

ENOUGH: the word on which I will hang 2011.

It speaks of sufficiency, provision, satisfaction, contentment. 

It speaks of surrender, quiet and rest.

It speaks of repentance and returning, salvation and redemption.

It gives sufficiency and comfort for a momma-heart that is making way for grown children and not sure what the future holds.

It is a firm word of provision and supply for a financial year that is stretched thin and a bit frightening.

It asks, “How has the Lord provided already?  What do you have in your hand?

It gently whispers contentment and satisfaction that what He has given is all I need.

It focuses my attention on the people, the work, the calling that I already have.

It says, “cease striving” and rest.

I'm ready.

If you have a new word for 2011, will you share it in the comments?  I'd love to hear what the Lord is doing in your lives.


A couple of new things around here: 

I have added a link in the header to my book list for 2011.  I know some of you have enjoyed the book lists in the past and I enjoy seeing all those titles lining up on the page.  I have a pretty ambitious personal reading plan this year and I hope this will keep me inspired.  

I'm also adding a short list in the sidebar for what I'm currently reading and watching.  As you will note on my book page, the links take you to Amazon for your convenience ( I find the "Search Inside" option helpful as well as the reviews), but I do not receive any benefits from purchases or clicks. 

(On a side note: does anyone know why my delicious links keep reordering themselves?  I want them all in date order but every time I click on this page they've moved around.  argh.  And while I'm on the topic, why don't my pictures show when you link directly to a post?  It's driving me crraaazzy.)

And to my dear, patient pen pals:  Since I came back to the blog it has been very difficult to find time to hand write letters.  I am reorganizing my priorities to create space for letter writing.   You are important to me.   I'll share more about that next week, Lord willing.



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