to rest

Madonna by Sassoferrato

"In our culture, time can seem like an enemy:  it chews us up and spits us out with appalling ease.  But the monastic perspective welcomes time as a gift from God, and seeks to put it to good use rather than allowing us to be used up by it. [...] Liturgical time is essentially poetic time, oriented toward process rather than productivity, willing to wait attentively in stillness rather than always pushing to "get the job done."    ~ Kathleen Norris:  The Cloister Walk

When I returned to blogging a few weeks ago I promised myself to take regular sabbaths in order to purposefully break the momentum of the internet habit; to keep a proper perspective and a right motivation; and to rest emotionally and mentally.  This is the first of those sabbaths.

I will return to posting next week (picking up the prayer series next Wednesday where we left off.) 

God bless, my friends.