change of plans!

Friday morning in the midst of the last-minute preparations we all bundled up and trekked into our wee forest to find a Christmas tree.   We found a tall, skinny, charlie brown specimen in an area that needed to be thinned a bit, so we all took a turn with the hand saw and worked together to bring it down with much teasing and laughing and general silliness.   It will be one of my favorite memories from this Christmas.  Truth be told I had a to-do list a mile long and I had tried to skip this little outing but my kids are at an age when I don't want to be missing any chances for memories, so I wisely changed my mind.

Once you pry yourself out of that task mind-set it is so much easier to see what is really important.  I sat down and crossed a number of things off the urgent list and gave myself permission to read aloud another chapter of "A Christmas Carol",  be an attentive audience for miniature helicopter battles, and available for rambling conversations, extra helpings of fudge and other important bits of celebrating.

I know you'll understand when I tell you that I crossed "blog posts" off that to-do list for this week. 

My husband and my 18 year old are both at home and free all week, so I'm just going to do some more enjoying and paying attention right here and now and get back to posting later.

Some of you have been especially on my mind this weekend:  those who have written about your heartaches over church and the sadness you feel without a true church home,  and also those dear families with children who are stretching and straining every bit of strength and love you have.   I just want you to know that I am praying for you particularly this week.  Many of your names are written in my prayer book and I am whispering them to Jesus as I go about my days.  

When I get back to writing next week I'm sure we'll be talking about a new year and new plans.  I usually have a word or theme for each year.  The word God gave me last year was: laugh.  Wow, that was a word of faith.  But you know what?  Now that we are at the end of this year all I can say is the Lord knows what He is doing.  Our 2010 wraps up with deep joy and yes, laughter.

Well, I'm going to go dig into this Christmas week and enjoy.  Thank you so much for being gracious while I break all the blogging rules and do things my own way.  You are the best.

Don't be too anxious to take down the decorations and put away's not over yet! 


Much love,