Advent resources


 John William Waterhouse


For the friends who have asked...

Advent begins Sunday, November 28th.  Following are some of the resources I am using: 




Christmastide - Prayers for Advent through the Epiphany from The Divine Hours:  Phyllis Tickle


On the Incarnation:  St Athanasius

"When, then, the minds of men had fallen finally to the level of sensible things, the Word submitted to appear in a body, in order that He, as Man, might center their senses on Himself, and convince them through His human acts that He Himself is not man only but also God, the Word and Wisdom of the true God. [...] The Self-revealing of the Word is in every dimension - above, in creation; below, in the Incarnation; in the depth, in Hades; in the breadth, throughout the world.  All things have been filled with the knowledge of God."


To Dance with God  - Family Ritual and Community Celebration: Gertrude Mueller Nelson

"Waiting, because it will always be with us, can be made a work of art, and the season of Advent invites us to underscore and understand with a new patienct that very feminine state of being, waiting.  Our masculine world wants to blast away waiting from our lives.  Instant gratification has become our constitutional right and delay an aberration.  [...] But waiting is unpractical time, good for nothing but mysteriously necessary to all that is becoming.  As in a pregnancy, nothing of value comes into being without a period of quiet incubation..."


Literary Companion to the Festivals:  Mark Pryce

Hundred Dollar Holiday:  Bill McKibben

Economy of Love:  Shane Claiborne

The Glorious Coming:  Ann Voskamp (coming soon!)



The Voice - resources and information for celebrating the evangelical Church year

Jesse Tree coloring pages for little ones

The Way of Light Wreath - Caleb Voskamp's beautiful woodwork

Elizabeth Foss - collection of links and articles from a Catholic perspective

O Antiphons - for the week before Christmas 

"O Wisdom that cometh out of the mouth of the Most High..."  

 Buy Nothing Christmas - we do buy gifts at christmastime, but these lists are helpful in paring back and reframing our thinking.


God bless you as we get ready to begin another year in the church calendar.  May all your celebrations be full of Christ.